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Welcome to Mental Health Awareness Month (by Michelle Kalinski)

Welcome to Mental Health Awareness Month (by Michelle Kalinski)

Michelle Kalinski (or Meesh.Life on IG) is a NASM certified trainer in New Jersey. Michelle has never shied away from discussing the hard stuff and we appreciate her candid approach when talking about her own mental health journey. Michelle will be joining us for the whole month of May with a new post every week about mental health. 

The fact that there is a whole month dedicated to mental health just goes to show how many of us are affected by a mental illness, whether personally or not . It’s so easy to feel alone, like no one understands you. The world can feel heavy and colorless....but wait wait wait.

You are probably like who is this person talking about mental health. So let me introduce myself. My name is Michelle, also known as Meesh.Life. I’m a NASM certified personal trainer from New Jersey and I have been dealing with mental illness for most of my adolescent/adult life. Most recently being diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder in May of 2021.

I have experienced firsthand the devastating and crippling effects that depression has on a person. I know what it’s like to lose interest in the things that are meant to help you and how hopeless it feels. How much energy it takes to get yourself to actually take care of yourself. How easily consumed you can get with your self worth. Trust me, I know. But, here is the thing. You aren’t stuck here. YOU CAN get better by starting with all the little daily efforts you take. Like in...

The way you talk to yourself.
The way you treat yourself.
The way you push yourself.
The way you rest yourself.
The way you seek help for yourself.
The way you move yourself.
As you can see, it’s more than just one thing that has an impact on your mental health. Fitness may just be one piece of the puzzle, but it does add its value. As long as you are approaching it from a place of love rather than punishment, you are giving your brain the best chances at feeling just a little bit of relief from the emptiness. Because even just a little boost is enough to help keep you keeping on. It doesn’t have to be a grueling workout either. Think going for a walk or going through 2 rounds of each superset in the workout below. Whatever you need movement to be for you, do that.

Fitness will never replace therapy or professional help, but it can give you a fighting chance on your path to recovery.


X3 rest 30 sec between sets and 1 minute between superset 1 & 2


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