In May We Celebrate

In May We Celebrate

Mental Health & Physical Fitness 

If you haven't already figured it out, I am a huge advocate of the phrase, "movement positively changes lives". How fitting is it that May is Mental Health Awareness & Physical Fitness Month considering that this aligns with our brand refresh and will always be the connection to our brand ethos?⁣

I started this brand based on my own deeply personal experiences with anxiety "disorder" & depression. I've said this before, movement doesn't cure any of these issues, but I think it certainly helps us get out of our headspace, gives us room to breathe, and creates that mind-body connection that is sometimes so desperately needed.

The importance of movement was passed down to me through my father and I take it from him that it does provide the space to overcome & get through some of life's really tough moments.

I know that when I don't move my body, I don't feel good. Anyone else? Both my physical & mental health suffers. I think it's important to note that reason I say "movement" & not exercise is because it's all-encompassing. Dance in your living room, walk to the coffee shop, deadlift 300lbs, hoola-hoop - whatever makes YOU feel good.

We can set goals and we can work towards this concept of "physique" but ultimately when you've found movement that you love I think those things sort of become secondary. I think the idea is to find what makes you thrive & be your best self. So, I wholeheartedly celebrate this month.⁣

It can be difficult to acknowledge & discuss mental health. If you are struggling, I hope you know there are resources, friends, family to lean on – you are not alone. If you have a friend that you know is having a rough time, please reach out to them.

In Pursuit of Health,. 


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