Caring For Your Activewear

The more you care for your product,

the longer it will last. 


Wash Instructions: 

Wash on delicate or go old school and hand wash for extra longevity. 

Always turn your garment inside out to protect any and all finishing. 

Never use a fabric softener. Like ever. 

Drying Instructions:

Do not tumble dry! Do not dry clean! 

Air Dry or dry on delicate if a must. 

If needed, iron or steam on a very low setting. 

About Our Mesh:

Our mesh inserts are made from the most durable & highest quality fabric on the market. That being said, mesh is still mesh. It should still be treated with tender loving care. Do not tug on mesh, avoid sharp objects when dressing and always pull on or off clothing as gently as possible. 






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